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Country Koi Fish Farm is a supplier of pond plants such as hardy water lilies, tropical water lilies, marginals and pond fish such as koi and goldfish. We are located in Haute-Aboujagane, just 20 minutes from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Tropical Water Lilies For Sale

TL01-August Koch
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Praow Tropical Water Lily
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95


Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95


Albert Greenburg Tropical Water Lily
TL05-Albert Greenburg
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Director G.T Moore Tropical Water Lily
TL06-Director.G.T Moore
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

King of Siam Tropical Water Lily
TL07-King of Siam
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Blue Capensis Tropical Water Lily
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Jongkolnee Tropical Water Lily
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Ploi Dang Tropical Water Lily
TL10-Ploi Dang

Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

White Thammanoon Tropical Water Lily
TL11-White Thammanoon
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

TL12-Eagle Blue
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

King of the Blue Tropical Water Lily
TL13-King of the blue
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lily

TL14-Panama Pacific
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

Tropical Water Lily Queen Of Siam
TL15-Queen of Siam
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95

TL16-Yellow Supan
Regular Price $29.95
On Sale $29.95

TL17-Royal Purple
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95
Tina Tropical Water Lily
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95
Maroon Pink Tropical Water Lily
TL19-Maroon Pink
Regular Price $29.95
On Sale $29.95
Pink Capensis Tropical Water Lily
TL20-Pink Capensis
Regular Price $29.95
On Sale $29.95
Colorata Tropical Water Lily
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95
Tropical Water Lily Golden West
TL22-Golden West
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95
Tropical Water Lily Hilary
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95
Tropical Water Lily Sherley Bryne
TL24-Sherley Bryne
Regular Price $34.95
On Sale $29.95


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Please Note

 Due to construction of a new greenhouse this spring/summer we won't have any tropical water liies for 2013 as we expand.

In 2014 we will have plenty of tropical water lilies for sale in our new facility.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and we look forward to 2014 with the addition of a heated greenhouse and the extra inventory space to accomadate our ever growing supply of pond plants and water lilies for our customers. Thank you! Please inquire if you have any questions at all.



Check out the different types and colours of water lilies we have on sale.

Now don't forget not only are you able to buy hardy water lilies, we also carry a wide variety of tropical water lilies for sale as well. The good thing with tropical water lilies is there are some very unique and attractive kinds of lilies to choose from. You have more variety in colors and tropical water lilies tend to have more blooms and bloom later on in the year.

Make sure to go check out our Tropical Water Lilies For Sale

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If you are looking for answers to any pond problems your having such as algae blooms and green pea soup water be sure to check out our water garden resources at the top of the page. Find out how you can have crystal clear water all summer long and get rid of algae blooms.

If you have pond fish such as goldfish, shubunkins or koi fish we have all the help you need right here in taking care of your pond fish. Need help with pond plants and pond lilies we have that too!

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