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Pond Supplies - Pond Water Treatments - Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Extract

Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Concentrated Extract

All natural Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Concentrated Extract is a liquid concentrate barley straw extract specially formulated to naturally balance pond water and improve clarity. Especially helpful where bottom drains exist. Goes to work on contact. Decomposition process starts immediately. Not harmful to aquatic life, plants, humans or pets. One bottle is equal to multiple barley straw bales with no messy residual. Can be used all year round.

Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Concentrated Extract
Item # BW-BSCE

Our Price $17.99 ea.



Dosage Rate Schedule based on CLEAR WATER pond size. For TURBID WATER, increase dosage by 50%. Pour Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Concentrated Extract into pond water.

Size of Pond 1st & 2nd Week 3rd & 4th Week Every 3 Weeks
Gallons oz. oz. oz.
up to 250 gallons 0.75 0.25 0.50
251 to 500 1.00 0.50 0.75
501 to 1000 1.50 0.75 1.25
1001 to 1500 2.00 1.00 1.50

8 oz. Bottle Treats 6,250 Gallons

Pond Size Calculation

L x W x Avg. Depth x 7.5 = gallons



Pond Supplies - Pond Water Treatments - Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Extract


Whether your looking to add water to your pond and remove the chlorine and other harmful metals, looking for a product to help clean your pond or looking for ways to prevent algae you've come to the right place. At Country Koi Fish Farm you'll find the pond supplies your looking for all in one-spot!

We are currently in the process of expanding our product inventory for pond supplies. Our aim is to have lots of pond products available for the 2011 season however you will see some products going up this year. Please check back often too see new changes we've made.


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***Please note pond supplies, statues, garden decor and all hard goods cannot be shipped with water plants.***

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