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Country Koi Fish Farm is a supplier of pond plants such as hardy water lilies, tropical water lilies, marginals and pond fish such as koi and goldfish. We are located in Haute-Aboujagane, just 20 minutes from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Here you will find great photos of water gardens from customers of ours. Take a look at some magnificent garden pond pictures for everyone to see. Anyone who enjoys water gardening and landscaping will love this and you may even get a few ideas for yourself whether its renovating an existing pond or building a new pond.

Check out these water garden photos complete with waterfalls, pond fish, and aquatic plants.


Here are a few garden pond pictures of my brother's pond. Chris and Joline built there house almost 2 years ago now and decided to place a water garden in their backyard. As you can see by the above photos it was completely built using shale to cover up the pond liner. This pond is roughly 50 feet long by 30 feet wide. It has a wonderful waterfall with plants inside the top level completely full which is used as a filter system. They have about 75 Butterly Koi's, about 300 goldfish and a few sarassa comets. They had to protect their pond from predators like there heron and raccoon by installing the pond netting to protect them. The heron became quite a regular visitor daily and the pond netting helped protect the fish.

Photos courtesy of Chris and Joline Boyle



Click on Water Garden Pond Photos to enlarge them

My husband and I first started water gardening in 1999, with a small preformed pond and 3 fish.  We were hooked.  Over the years we have expanded the pond several times, but the basic location and properties have remained the same.  I think a water feature can bring many different elements into a yard, so it is important to decide which things are most important to you when you plan the location, size, and style of your pond.  The main features that we wanted in our pond are a waterfall for water sound, a pond large enough for mature koi, and an area for water plants.  ( Read more on how they built their water garden pond )

Photos courtesy Of Debbie Sarvas, Saskatoon, SK Canada



Photos Courtesy of Paul, New Brunswick, Canada

See the before and after photos
Paul's Garden Pond With Landscaping and Rock Work



 Hi Jamie,

As agreed I am sending you a few photos of our garden pond ( Michel and Nicole's pond). I took them early this week when I put in the pumps ( 10,600 gallons and 5400 gallons respectively) after I had potted your plants and placed them in shallow water around the edge of the pond. They are looking great!

( Read more about Michel and Nicole's Water Garden Pond )

Photos Courtesy of Michel and Nicole Cardinal, Rockland, Ontario, Canada



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If you are looking for answers to any pond problems your having such as algae blooms and green pea soup water be sure to check out our water garden resources at the top of the page. Find out how you can have crystal clear water all summer long and get rid of algae blooms.

If you have pond fish such as goldfish, shubunkins or koi fish we have all the help you need right here in taking care of your pond fish. Need help with pond plants and pond lilies we have that too!

Jamie Boyle- Co-Owner of Country Koi Fish Farm WaterPlantsForPonds.com

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