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Fertilizing Hardy Water Lilies

How To Fertilize a Water Lily

Hardy Water Lily MaylaIn order to have beautiful flowering water lilies with healthy green lily pads you are going to need to begin fertilizing your hardy water lilies on a regular routine. A good thing to do when taking care of your hardy water lilies is to fertilize them every 2 weeks. If you don't do it every 2 weeks try to at least fertilize them once a month. The more nutrients and aquatic fertilizer you give your water plants the healthier they'll be and you will notice this with the rich vibrant colours of the flowers and water lily pads.

Now if your water lilies are within arms reach, you ay be able to fertilize them by hand. Sometimes what people do is have a set of waders that will enable you to walk into your garden pond to fertilize your water lilies as well. Just be sure to be careful for any fish that may be near by and be careful for any rocks as you don't want to cause a hole in your pond liner. If you don't have any waders you can always grab your rake so that you can drag your water lily pot over so you may fertilize it.

Red Water Lilies Sold In Canada

Making Fertilizing Water Lilies Quicker and Easier

There is also another tool on the market for pond owners which is the fertilizer rod. The fertilizer rod works great as it enables you to fertilize your plants without stepping a foot into your pond or getting wet at all. All you need to do is place a fertilizer tablet inside the rod or chamber and all you need to do is simply put the rod into the water lily pot. Once the rod is within pot and into the soil you push the lever and it deposits the fertilizer tablet inside the water lily soil. A very nice tool that makes things quicker and easier to fertilize your water lilies. A good example of the fertilizer rod is just like the tool they use to plant small trees in the forest.

Fertilizing Water Lilies By Hand

If your going to fertilize your water lilies by hand all you need to do is plant the fertilizer tablet right into the roots underneath the crown of the water lily. Depending on the size of the water lily you can place between 1-2 fertilizer tablets. Once you pushed the fertilizer tablets into the soil just gently push some soil over those two holes keeping the fertilizer in the soil.

How Often Should You Fertilize Hardy Water Lilies

Fertilizing hardy water lilies should really be done every 2 weeks this will ensure maximum growth potential. You will have healthier looking plants and more water lily flowers being produced. Also the faster your water lilies grow will provide more shade for fish as well help stop algae from blooming. It's in your best interest to fertilize your aquatic plants to help keep your water garden healthy with crystal clear water.

Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

Regular $11.99
Special $9.99

- Aquatic plant feeding sticks
- Convenient, lasts the whole season
- For aquatic plants with root systems contained in planting baskets
-- Water Lilies
-- Oxygenators
-- Marginals
- Maximizes the size and colour of aquatic plants
- Well-balanced feeding formula
- Low phosphorous, no impact on water quality
- Contains no copper
- Non-toxic to fish and other aquatic life
- Temperature activated
- Chelated - Provides maximum nutrients to plants, will not be absorbed by string algae
- 3 pieces per blister back





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