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Feeding Goldfish

Now when it comes to feeding goldfish sometimes people are unsure on what to feed them or how much food to feed their goldfish as well. What you'll want to do when you feed your goldfish is always make your you don't overfeed them. When overfeeding goldfish happens it creates a whole bunch of other problems and also creates more work for yourself as well.

People often tend to overfeed their pond fish or in an aquarium as well but what your doing is creating your own goldfish problems. When your goldfish are eating more and more food it will create more fish waste that your pond or aquarium filter will not be able to handle. It can cause more frequent cleaning and maintenance that isn't really necessary if you would have been feeding them the right amount.

 Feeding Goldfish

Feeding goldfish is the part of the hobby which is the most exciting as it's a time you get to relax and enjoy your goldfish but it can also be the most crucial thing you need to know. If you tend to overfeed your goldfish you could be slowly killing them. Goldfish could develop fatty liver which can be detrimental to their health. You need to feed your fish accordingly to make sure they live long healthy lives. There are different things people can do to help grow their goldfish faster if you want to see them grow quickly and we'll talk more about that later. Also when feeding your goldfish is the perfect time to make sure that your fish is okay, their health is good and you will be able to see and noticed any signs of goldfish diseases or injuries. Take this time to make sure your goldfish health is okay when feeding goldfish.

What Should I Feed My Goldfish

Goldfish Food FlakesThere are all sorts of different types of food that you can feed your goldfish. What you will always want to do is feed the a variety of different goldfish foods. Goldfish need a variety of foods as they contain different levels of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates to ensure proper nutrition. Feeding goldfish is not so different from us really, we need protein to grow strong muscles and same goes for goldfish. When we lack say protein it can cause us to be weak and not so much energy. The thing with feeding goldfish, you need to make sure you give them all the nutrition they need to ensure they stay strong and healthy. Sometimes goldfish may become ill or sick with goldfish diseases and sometimes happen due to the lack of variety of foods you give them.

Laguna Goldfish and Koi Fish Food PelletsSome thing you can feed them are flake foods and pellet foods and always look at the back of the bag or food container to see what's in the food. It will give you a breakdown of what the goldfish food contains. Always make sure you buy a variety of fish food for goldfish so you can give them little treats from time to time and change their diet. Goldfish much like us can become bored eating the same meal day after day and you will not be doing your goldfish good by doing this. Fish need a variety of different foods so that they get their nutritional requirements needed. Every food contains different vitamins and minerals, calcium etc.. that not one food contains all. That's why we need to feed goldfish different feed.

Feeding Goldfish Earthworms Is Great For Goldfish Health And Provides Good NutritionSome other good things to feed goldfish is besides flake foods and pellet foods is live food. These are excellent fish treats that offer different nutritional properties. You can always feed them bloodworms, tubifex worms, brine shrimp, daphnia, black mosquito larvae and earthworms. Most of these can be purchased in either dry form or frozen as well. The one I find goldfish really love are earthworms. They will thank you for the treat. The only thing with earthworms make sure you wash them as if you've fertilized your yard, sprayed for weeds or bugs you will want to make sure you don't feed your goldfish these chemicals. Just wash them off and feed them to your fish. Now depending on the size of your goldfish you may need to cut it up into small pieces but I've seen my goldfish slowly suck the whole thing back

Feeding Your Goldfish Lettuce and Leafy Greens Is Good For Goldfish HealthAnother good source of food for goldfish is aquatic plants. Fish love picking at and eating vegetation, so the more water plants you have the more food they will have available to eat in case their hungry. Vegetation is very healthy to eat for goldfish. People can always throw in to their pond iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce and they will pick at it and play with it as well. Now some people will just throw it in and let them play with it but you can always rip off some pieces and throw it into your pond. Fish love variety so make sure you give it.

Healthy eating is a result of combination of different foods and a well-balanced diet. By offering your fish a proper diet you will have healthier goldfish and less diseases and problems that will occur. A different diet will help goldfish growth and help your goldfish spawn as well. Healthy goldfish feeding will provide healthy goldfish and active fish.


How Much Should I Feed My Goldfish

 When feeding your goldfish you should try and only give your goldfish enough food that they can eat within 2 minutes of feeding them. If they've eaten all you've given them before 2 minutes is up, give them a little more. When your goldfish are feeding you will notice that they will start to become almost lazy and begin to be not so interested in the food. That's the first sign that they're full. If there is any uneaten food, make sure you discard it so it doesn't foul up your water. Overfeeding your goldfish is the biggest thing you want to avoid as it causes stress on your filter and causes your water quality to go for the worst.

You will see from searching on the internet that some people say feed them what they can eat within 2 minutes other people say never give them anymore food then they can eat in 5 minutes. What you should do is use this as a general rule of thumb. You can really do either or really. I tend to feed my goldfish what they can eat within 2 minutes because you can't forget there is all kinds of food readily available in ponds to eat as well.

How Often Should I Feed My Goldfish

This is one of the most popular questions on how often should people feed their goldfish. That really depends on what your goldfish lives in. Feeding your goldfish in ponds is really different then feeding them in aquariums. It all depends on the size of their environment, the filter you have and how much space your goldfish have to burn off the calories.

In ponds goldfish can be fed like 2-3 times a day in the summer but this changes as well in different times of the year. How often people should be feeding goldfish is a direct result in the temperature of the water. I will talk more about that later in Feeding Goldfish In Different Seasons which will talk more about this. But generally you can feed them 2-3 times a day in a pond as they need more energy from swimming around in such a large area. Now here's the thing with feeding goldfish in ponds is you really don't have to feed them at all. I know your going to want to feed them but they would easily survive on the microscopic animals, bugs,  insects and algae in the water. They also have aquatic plant material to feed on as well. If you think about it in nature who feeds the fish in the rivers, nature does. They will have plenty to eat and same goes for goldfish. People don't realize how much food is in a pond that they can eat. I'm not saying don't feed your goldfish but if you happen to go away on vacation for a few days even a week, in a pond they will be fine. If your like most people you will want to feed them so just make sure if your feeding them, feed them small frequent amounts. Feeding small amounts is better then large amounts as much like humans it would be stored as fat. Smaller more frequent meals are better for overall goldfish health.


Here you will find goldfish related topics on taking care of goldfish whether it be for an aquarium or pond you'll get all the help you need for your new pets for your pond. At anytime you have any questions related to goldfish please send us a quick email and in the subject line place " Goldfish Question " and we will answer your questions. If it's not on our website we will add goldfish information here for you all to see and learn how to take care of goldfish properly so your fish will live a long healthy life.

Check out the following articles all about goldfish care.

1. Goldfish Care
Feeding Goldfish



Check out the different types and colours of water lilies we have on sale.

Now don't forget not only are you able to buy hardy water lilies, we also carry a wide variety of tropical water lilies for sale as well. The good thing with tropical water lilies is there are some very unique and attractive kinds of lilies to choose from. You have more variety in colors and tropical water lilies tend to have more blooms and bloom later on in the year.

Make sure to go check out our Tropical Water Lilies For Sale

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