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PondJet Floating Fountain Pump
By Oase

The Oase PondJet Floating Fountain Pump gives an excellent look to any water garden. This floating fountain pump floats right on top of the water providing easy access if you wanted to change the top nozzle piece to give it another unique spray. By having a floating pump it pretty much eliminates maintenance like other submersible pumps that become clogged by sitting on the bottom of the pond.

Oase PondJet Floating Fountain Pump seen here with standard Arch Nozzle.

The Oase Pond Jet comes with the standard Arch Nozzle. You can however get other nozzle pieces to give it the spay you want. In addition, the PondJet does have optional lighting you can get to give it a brilliant look at night by attaching the PondJet 3 Light Set as seen in the photo.


Oase PondJet Floating Fountain Pump

Part Number 54019
Submersible yes
Max GPH 2400
Flow Adjustment no
Spray 10 ft x 10 ft
Minimum Water Depth Required 3 FT
Power Consumption 260 W
Dimensions ( Diameter x Height ) 27" x 21"
Weight 16.8 lbs.
Cable Length 75 feet
Limited Warranty 3 years

Regular Price 1899.99
On Sale 1699.99

If interested in purchasing the Oase PondJet Floating Fountain please send an email to to inquire on shipping cost and so I may send you an invoice through Paypal for payment.

Please note all sales are final, except in case of product defect in which case your Oase Floating Fountain Pump will be either replaced or sent out for repair.

****Please note that it will take 2-3 weeks for shipment of your fountain ****
**** As they are special orders ****




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