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Paul's Garden Pond

Photos end of last summer 2007

Here you will see Paul's beautiful water garden feature complete with waterfall rock work, landscaping and some nice pond ornaments to go around his garden pond. You can also see that Paul needed to add some pond netting to help protect his fish from predators like the raccoon and the heron. One of his koi went missing last year and we could only assume that something had caught him. Using pond netting will definitely help protect your fish and prevents leaves from falling in your pond come fall.

For filtration Paul uses a vegetable filter completely full of water hyacinths as you can see in the photo below. In the front of the waterfall he uses a plastic mesh that prevents the water hyacinths from coming down the falls. This is what keeps his water crystal clear all summer long. The water hyacinths worked great last year in his pond as he had some goldfish spawning and some new babies as they were able to hide in amongst the water hyacinths from larger fish. Now in 2008 he also adds a bag of Barley Straw to his pond at the beginning of the year which helps reduce algae from blooming.

Water plants such as water hyacinths, water lilies and other pond plants make an excellent form of natural filtration. If you think of it what filters the water in the rivers or ocean, its the water plants, bog plants, cattails and other plant life that keeps the ecosystem working effectively. With the long roots from the water hyacinths in Paul's garden pond works very well in keeping his pond safe for his koi and goldfish.

Paul keeps on improving his pond every year and I look forward to seeing more garden pond photos of further developments.

Now you can see the before and after pictures of when Paul had first built his pond.



The improvements he's made on the water garden looks great. The addition of the waterfall, flower bed and the water plants really has made this pond come to life. The flagstone used around the pond looks great, flagstone is quite expensive but the results can be worth it.

I would like to thank Paul for sharing his water garden pictures with us and we all look forward to seeing some updated photos down the road with any new improvements and updated photos when the new water lilies he's added for 2008 bloom the Joey Tomocik hardy water lily and the Madame Wilfron Gonnere.

Thanks again!


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